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Distinguished Foods Commercial Kitchen Family



Distinguished Foods Commercial Kitchen was one of the first commercial kitchens in the Seattle area starting over 25 years ago out of the need for commercial kitchen space for small food manufacturers.  In the past two decades we have witnessed the birth of countless small businesses that have grown up with us and many have gone on to experience great success in the food industry. 


My father Samuel Bell owned the commercial kitchen for the last 20 years and I purchased the company from him a few years ago.  At Distinguished Foods Kitchen Rental our goal is to create a kitchen incubator environment to support the starting and stable growth of small food businesses. 


We help people with the permitting process, business banking, business insurance, website building, and will even connect people with stores and distributors that we know.  Starting a business is a risky and difficult thing but if we can make it a little bit easier and support companies after they get started that gives them a better chance at having success and that is all we want for our local small businesses.


We hope that you will add your name to the amazing list of successful entrepreneurs that have come through Distinguished Foods Kitchen Rental.


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