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Farmers Markets


Online Sales

Fruit Market
Do you want to start small?  The local farmers markets are a great starting point.  Also sell your food online around the globe.

You have a great product but you just want to start small or you want to test out your genius idea at the Farmers Market before you fully commit to the food industry.  These are all great reasons to start at the Farmers Market level and work your way up. Its inexpensive and easier to get started and we have all the major commercial kitchen equipment you need to start and grow with your company.  Here is a link on how to become a vendor at the Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets.


If you have a shelf stable food product and are interested in selling it in an online store from your website then we can help with that also.  For online sales you can go through the Washington State Department of Agriculture.


Here is a link to the King County Public Health website that has some information to help you get started working at Farmers Markets.  Contact us to setup a kitchen tour.

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